♪♫ MêLöÐïȧ ö£ Lï£ê ♫♪
4 ♪ Talentime Night

Remember that I've told you about the Talentime Night on the previous post?
Okay I know your answer will be 'no' because I did not even mention about it in my blog before~ xD

Alright cut out the craps! Imma explain to you what the heck is the Talentime Night thingy... :D
Talentime Night is an event organised by TAR College to give the opportunities to all the freshmen to show off their talents and skills on the stage! Not cool enough? I will tell you more!

Before I'm telling you anything,one question,do you think I'm hot? :D

Err...no response? *hurts* ='(

Oklar,since no one is answering my question,I'm not going to tell you anything then..
I'll tell you when my mood gets better...GOODBYE!

To be continued.... xD

PS:Actually I'm just too tired to blog now,I'll just stop here and continue when I'm free :D
At least I posted something right!! xD OK! see ya on the next post! CIAOZZ!!!

12:54 AM
Sunday, June 12, 2011
You are my favourite song! =)

3 ♪ Cheer UP! :D

This post is specially written to someone that I know and that someone is in dilemma right now.
I guess you know who you are and you read it carefully larh :)

Knowing that you're feeling frustrated right now,and this is why I'm posting this to cheer you up! =]

Dear XXX,
  At times it's kinda hard for us to make decisions in life,I admit,even me myself will be quite indecisive when it comes to making a decision or should I say I will be very decisive when it comes to avoiding decisions? =) but yeah no matter how frustrated we are we still have to make up our minds coz time waits for no one..sooner or later a decision will be made and there will be no turning back.Sometimes it's kinda sad when we make the wrong choice,but remember this saying "A peacefulness follows any decision,even the wrong one".All you need to do is to just follow your heart desire.Both roads will lead you to a bright future,it's just that how you travel it.So remember to stay optimistic after choosing your road and do your best to achieve your goal! =) This is all I wanna say to you.I wish you good luck and all the best! SMILE MORE so that you can make everyone around you happy too =)

2:34 AM
Monday, June 6, 2011
You are my favourite song! =)

2 ♪ TAR the road!
I'll start off with my college's life..

3rd of May; it was the first day I stepped into the college..a college which is so old yet historic,a place where most of the genius and Einsteins were born..yeah..it is the....TAR College! *Deng Deng Deng Deng!*

Just in case if you have never heard of this college before,it's not a place where you learn to tar the road arh..the capital T-A-R stands for Tunku Abdul Rahman (the first Prime Minister in Malaysia..He is widely known simply as 'Tunku'(a prince title in Malaysia) and also called 'Bapa Kemerdekaan'(Father of Independence) or 'Bapa Malaysia'(Father of Malaysia)..He was born on..wait..no no no! no history lesson here..if you wanna know more bout him please go and google him.. =D )

Hmm where was I again? ahh ya..the capital T-A-R! so I guess you have understood what's the meaning of TAR now larh..understood right? I'll just assume that you have understood then xD

Speaking of this college,at first I did not really like it because I thought it was...er...suck?And I have been  forced to come here coz my family was having some financial problems and this college is kinda cheap..woots! I don't think that's a suitable word..I'll say affordable instead.. xD
so err...ya its kinda chea....affordable I mean..that's why I'm studying here lor..
Despite all the rumors saying that this college's sucks,I found that it's not as bad as what the others said..I think it's quite good and worth it..and the students here are all very friendly and enthusiastic! :D Turned out I started to fall in love with this college..LOL! xD

Overall I think I have made the right choice to study here and I will not regret for choosing this awesome college! :D Hopefully I will be the next Einsteins who comes out from this college in the future! All the best to ME! hahah! =D

1:50 AM

You are my favourite song! =)

1 ♪ Restart

Wow I just can't believe that I'm back blogging now! :D
I know I have been neglecting my blog for quite some time and I always put it on hiatus for no reasons and what's even worse I have TOTALLY forgotten that I have a blog. =X
Yeah I know,shame on me! *BOO!* 
So now,here I am again,to revive my long-dead-blog.YAAAYYY!! *Claps*

.................. *awkward silence*

Err..okay..I hope I will not stop blogging again after this..unless I have to! of course,with my own reasons larh~ =P

First of all! Imma remove all the older posts in my blog and restart everything again!
Q:Why do I do so?
A:Easy,to make everything smooth and well-organised,lorh.. :D

Secondly, I'm not gonna find a new layout or skin or whatever you call it for my sexy blog anymore!
Q:Why leh?
A:Coz I think the current layout is already too nice for this blog and I'm absolutely satisfied with it. =D (unless one day I change my mind and feel like changing it larh xP )

Thirdly,the Chatbox and Playlist will be remained the same! :)
Q:Really ar?Why wor?
A:Yaya~Because I'm just too lazy to redo everything again xD

Lastly,here are some questions provided for you to test if you are really reading my blog or not!

Question 1: Why did I remove all the older posts in my blog and restart everything again?
Question 2:Why am I not going to find a new layout for my blog anymore?
Question 3:Why do the Chatbox and Playlist remain the same?
Question 4:Do you like Justin Bieber? (Random question xD)

Do not copy your friends' answers.Answer it carefully.
Time given: 10 minutes
Tips to score: [Copy the answers provided,except for Question number 4 xD]

Marking scheme: Questions 1 to 3 = Any answers will be accepted
                             Question 4 = If your answer is a 'YES',no marks will be given,
                                                   If your answer is a 'NO',Full marks.

PS: Don't take it too seriously,I do not have any intentions to provoke or offend any of the Bieber's fans here! CHILLAX and enjoy!!! ;D

6:47 PM
Sunday, June 5, 2011
You are my favourite song! =)


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